Maritime, multimodal and admiralty permits, operations and transactions

Mexico´s geographic location and participating in the most important market in the world has triggered multimodal transportation infrastructure development in such an attractive way for investors in these type of projects, as well as for those who operates their systems and terminals.

Due to our vast experience in this niche we successfully provide:

Permits, Rates, Apprissals

Securing permits, authorizations and licenses for port, maritime, admiralty, trains, air and ground transportation facilities.
Record and approval of operational rates and rules for maritime terminals.
Due diligence, assessments for the drafting and recording of PBIP, OFB, OPIP, RPMN.

Legal Proceedings

Vessel records, booking and registration; Permits for cargo, passengers and tourism maritime transportation; sportive vessels, boating and maneuvers.
Drafting of vessel use acquisition, cessions and mortgages. Liens on Mexican vessels. Legal and technical consultation for achieving the “Safety Operation” status.

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