While our philosophy is to save the customer the most disputes through prevention strategies, nur area of ​​litigation is aggressive and decisive in defending their interests, obtaining positive results in the following levels:

Administrative Proceedings

Administrative procedures Local and federal jurisdiction.


National and International.

Judicial Litigation

Judicial Litigation in federal and local courts derive from contractual controversies.

Constitutional Appeals

Recourses, constitutional trial and proceedings based on international agreements subjects.

  • WaterWater
  • Community Consensus BuildingCommunity Consensus Building
  • Environmental Risks and ImpactsEnvironmental Risks and Impacts
  • Ecuator PrinciplesEcuator Principles
  • Natural Protected AreasNatural Protected Areas
  • Environment TrainingEnvironment Training
  • Social ImpactSocial Impact
  • RegulationRegulation
  • AtmosphereAtmosphere
  • EnergyEnergy
  • LitigationLitigation
  • Due diligence and certificationsDue diligence and certifications
  • ForestryForestry
  • Wildlife Management PlansWildlife Management Plans
  • Federal ZonesFederal Zones
  • Federal ZonesReal State