The environmental legislation has gain continues relevance in the Mexican business arena

Our Environmental lawyers have solid experience and specialized training in cases pertaining:


Environmental compliance plans, due diligence and certifications. Permits, authorizations and records. Climate change.

Environmental Management

Impact assessment and environmental risk. Spatial planning and urban use change, ecological and forest land. Comprehensive management of waste and emissions. Management of water and wastewater discharge. Federal grant riparian zone land and sea.


Energy safety, clean energy certificates, green programs, renewable energy and carbon footprint combat strategies.

Social Licensing

Socio-environmental consensus.

  • WaterWater
  • Community Consensus BuildingCommunity Consensus Building
  • Environmental Risks and ImpactsEnvironmental Risks and Impacts
  • Ecuator PrinciplesEcuator Principles
  • Natural Protected AreasNatural Protected Areas
  • Environment TrainingEnvironment Training
  • Social ImpactSocial Impact
  • RegulationRegulation
  • AtmosphereAtmosphere
  • EnergyEnergy
  • LitigationLitigation
  • Due diligence and certificationsDue diligence and certifications
  • ForestryForestry
  • Wildlife Management PlansWildlife Management Plans
  • Federal ZonesFederal Zones
  • Federal ZonesReal State